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01. The Current Concoction: Current Lab Liquid Waste Management in South Africa

In the bustling heart of South Africa, laboratories hum with ceaseless activity. They are the epicentres of medical breakthroughs, beacons of hope in the realm of public health, and ironically, producers of a significant volume of contaminated chemical fluid waste. These facilities, as vital as they are to our survival, are woven into a complex narrative of socio-economic and techno-economic conundrums – primarily, how to manage the waste they generate.

a. The Journey of Waste – From Lab to Landfill

The disposal of lab waste in South Africa is a tale of several diverging paths. Some of the waste finds its way to incinerators, a harsh realm of fire and heat where chemicals are broken down but not without consequences. Other waste materials reach hazardous waste landfills, where they form part of a grim collage of consumption. Alarming still, a sizeable portion of this waste descends into our sewerage lines, a practice profoundly unsustainable that its very existence raises eyebrows and concerns.

b. The True Cost of Current Practices

The impact of these traditional waste disposal methods is far-reaching, casting a long shadow over our environment, economy, and society. There’s an environmental toll, notably the contribution to carbon emissions, land and water contamination and other pollutants. Economically, the cost of managing waste in these ways, coupled with the expense of dealing with the aftermath, is a burden that’s continually growing. Then, there’s the social fallout – communities living within proximity of landfills or downstream from sewage outlets bear an unjust brunt of this waste management approach.

c. Beyond Waste Reduction – A Ripple Effect of Benefits

In this intricate narrative, however, emerges a turn in the story: PURA Technology. Crafted by Newster Group’s Dr. Gianluca Magrini, PURA Technology is a revolutionary process that significantly reduces carbon emissions – by an impressive 91% – and offers containerised, plug-and-play (OZOTHERAPY) or customised, on-site (PURA CO3MPACT) solutions.


02. PURA, Modern Day Merlin: Sustainable Solution for Lab Waste

However, PURA isn’t just about handling liquid lab waste. It’s a catalyst for a wave of positive repercussions. Labs can track environmental savings and output for ESG reporting in real-time with its smart data reporting feature. With regular maintenance and support from Alloro Africa, labs are enabled to focus on their core mission: making discoveries that enhance and preserve human life.

a. How it Works

At its core, PURA harnesses the power of ozone and hydrogen peroxide, combining them in a carefully orchestrated dance. This unique synergy generates hydroxyl radicals, potent non-toxic oxidants that possess a remarkable ability to react rapidly with organic compounds present in liquid lab waste. It is through this transformative process that PURA achieves its mission: complete neutralisation of the waste, ensuring it is safe for disposal and devoid of biological hazards.

The Enchanting Steps of PURA Technology:

i. Fluid Waste Collection:

The process of PURA Technology begins with the collection of fluid waste from labs, creating a controlled environment to prevent unwanted chemical reactions. This meticulous first step paves the way for a seamless waste transformation process.

ii. Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment:

PURA Technology then employs ozone-based oxidation in combination with Hydrogen Peroxide. This produces hydroxyl radicals, powerful non-toxic oxidants that react rapidly with organic compounds in the waste, leading to its neutralization.

iii. Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Treatment:

The treatment process concludes with GAC treatment, which further adsorbs the oxidized chemical compounds. The result is waste that has been transformed, its harmful elements neutralized, preparing it for safe disposal.

b. Beyond Waste Reduction – A Ripple Effect of Benefits

As for certification, PURA Technology’s impressive track record aligns with its claims. The solution proudly holds a PDT (Life Cycle Assessment) certification by Newster – Green-Line, a testament to the veracity of its environmental benefits. This certification is not merely a badge of honour; it signifies the culmination of rigorous assessments and evaluations, affirming that PURA Technology’s positive environmental impact extends far beyond its immediate applications.

03. Ingenious Implementations of PURA Technology

From this revolutionary PURA Technology R&D project, two distinct designs were developed:

a. PURA CO3MPACT : A Customised Marvel for Onsite Technical Room Installation

Represents a bespoke solution tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual laboratories. This ingeniously designed system seamlessly integrates into technical rooms, maximizing space utilization without disrupting existing laboratory setups. By accommodating diverse lab environments, PURA CO3MPACT ensures a smooth and efficient waste management process without the need for costly and time-consuming reconfigurations.

With its advanced purification process, PURA CO3MPACT works wonders in neutralising liquid waste, rendering it safe for disposal without compromising the well-being of lab personnel or the environment. By adopting PURA CO3MPACT, laboratories gain not only a sustainable waste management solution but also an optimised and organised workspace that fosters scientific excellence.

b. OZOTHERAPY: The Containerised Plug-and-Play Solution

In contrast to PURA CO3MPACT, OZOTHERAPY embodies a mobile and adaptable solution for fluid lab waste treatment. Encased within a container, this plug-and-play marvel provides labs with unparalleled versatility. Whether it’s an emergency field hospital requiring rapid and efficient waste management or a lab with limited space seeking a self-contained solution, OZOTHERAPY rises to the occasion.

The containerised setup enables labs to transcend physical boundaries, bringing sustainable waste management to any location. It provides an eternal container where the magic of PURA Technology unfolds, transforming hazardous liquid waste into harmless materials ready for safe disposal. The mobility of OZOTHERAPY allows labs to extend their reach and embrace responsible waste management without compromising on quality or efficiency.

04. Presto Change-O: Benefits of PURA in Lab Waste Management

As South African labs transition to PURA tech, they stand to reap an array of benefits, which extend beyond the environmental realm and permeate the operational, economic, and compliance aspects of lab management. Let’s explore these benefits, which together present a compelling case for adopting this revolutionary fluid waste treatment method.

a. Operational Efficiency and Ease of Integration

With its plug-and-play, on-site containerised solution, OZOTHERAPY allows for seamless integration into existing laboratory operations. It minimises disruption to lab processes, and thanks to its intuitive design, staff training requirements are reduced, ensuring a smooth transition.

b.  Cost Savings and Economic Viability

Its long-term economic benefits are significant. By neutralising fluid waste on-site, labs can reduce the costs associated with offsite waste disposal and transportation. Furthermore, the reduction in emissions and pollutants mitigates the potential costs of environmental penalties and clean-up operations and improves environmental compliance.

c.  Enhanced Health and Safety

OZOTHERAPY & PURA CO3MPACT’s thorough waste treatment process significantly reduces the risk of hazardous exposure for lab personnel, creating a safer working environment. Its effective bacterial decontamination features, as demonstrated through lab tests, also minimise the risk of disease transmission within and beyond the lab.

d. Real-Time Data and Comprehensive ESG Reporting

Through PURA’s smart data reporting, labs can track their waste management practices in real-time. This data, accessible through live links to Newster’s cloud, provides insights into environmental savings, fostering transparency and facilitating comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting.

e. Compliance with Environmental Regulations and Conventions

PURA’s operation aligns with the regulations stipulated by the Stockholm Convention, contributing to the reduction or elimination of POPs. The process is also PDT certified by Newster, reinforcing its credibility and fostering trust among stakeholders for future risk mitigation of looming regulations.

f.  Compliance with Environmental Regulations and Conventions

Our commitment to regular maintenance and support for users further sweetens the deal. Our expert guidance can help labs optimise their use of PURA, ensuring the waste management process runs smoothly and effectively.

05. Spell of Sustainability: Adopting OZOTHERAPY in South African Labs

Having piqued your interest in the transformative magic of OZOTHERPAY, we’re excited to announce that our first demo model is ready and waiting for trial in your lab. This is your opportunity to witness firsthand the remarkable benefits and efficiency of our innovative fluid waste treatment solution.

a. National Installations and Compliance

Our containerised OZOTHERAPY system is compact and designed for effortless installation, enabling us to set it up in your lab irrespective of its location in South Africa. We understand the intricacies and unique requirements of different labs, and our skilled team will work closely with you to ensure the demo model’s integration is as smooth and unobtrusive as possible.

b. Your Guide through OZOTHERAPY: In-Depth Training and Support

Our expert team, armed with comprehensive training materials, will guide you through the functionalities of the OZOTHERAPY system, ensuring you understand the operational aspects and advantages. You’ll get to see the system in action, observing the ozone-based treatment process that safely and efficiently neutralises fluid lab waste, drastically reducing its environmental impact.

c. Witness Real-Time Results: Smart Data Reporting in Action

With OZOTHERAPY, you’re not just adopting a cutting-edge waste treatment solution, you’re embracing a sustainable future and contributing to the green economy. Your journey towards responsible waste management starts with this demo trial, and we’re excited to accompany you every step of the way.

06. Picturing a Greener Horizon: The Future of Sustainable Lab Waste Management

As the momentum for sustainable waste management grows, laboratories in South Africa have the opportunity to pave the way for a greener future. The adoption of PURA CO3MPACT and OZOTHERAPY not only signifies a commitment to responsible waste management but also sets an inspiring example for laboratories worldwide.

The transformative magic of PURA Technology demonstrates that even in the realm of laboratory waste, sustainable solutions are within reach. By harnessing the power of ozone and hydrogen peroxide, laboratories can now embark on a journey towards sustainable alchemy, turning hazardous waste into environmental harmony.

The future of lab waste management is within sight. It’s a future where laboratories continue their commendable work, but with an added feather in their cap – the magic of sustainable innovation. With PURA CO3MPACT and OZOTHERAPY leading the way, the laboratories of South Africa could not only transform waste; they would play a role in transforming the future.

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